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Bioinformatics analysis core

Bioinformatics support, advice and training.

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The Bioinformatics Analysis Core (BAC) provides advice, training, the provision of computational tools and collaborative expertise to all Institute of Genetics and Cancer researchers.

The facility has a track record in the analysis of novel, high throughput biological datasets, particularly sequencing data, and have co-authored many Institute of Genetics and Cancer publications and grant proposals.

The BAC has three broad aims, which together constitute its mission statement:

  • Support: consultation on and provision of collaborative bioinformatics skills to research programmes across the Institute. 
  • Expertise: development and implementation of effective analysis strategies for common tasks, establishing best practice in Institute data analysis.
  • Training: provision of training resources, instruction and advice to assist Institute users in their own data analysis.

Consultations are available to individual researchers and groups to address questions about your data, possible analyses and associated issues. Please contact us by email in the first instance, describing your project (PI name, datasets involved, analyses envisaged, hypotheses to be addressed, intended timelines etc) as accurately as possible.

Bioinformatics Group


Colin Semple Head of Bioinformatics
Alison Meynert IGC Bioinformatics Analysis Core Manager
Steve Fox IGC Research Data Manager
Philippe Gautier Bioinformatician
Graeme Grimes Training Coordinator
Mihail Halachev Translational Bioinformatician
Murray Wham Genomic Data Applications Architect

Training and support

For the internal bioinformatics helpdesk, please visit the #bioinformatics-help channel on the Institute Slack server (

All Institute students and researchers can choose to participate in the Institute of Genetics and Cancer Computational Analysis Mentorship (iCAM) informal programme. Join the team of that name on Microsoft Teams and post a little about yourself and your skills in the “Mentor introductions” channel if you would like to be a mentor. Mentees are encouraged to post about their skills, current project, and what they are looking for assistance with in the “Help requests” channel, where mentors will respond.

Institute of Genetics and Cancer Genomic Data Analysis Centre

The BAC runs the IGC Genomic Data Analysis Centre, which provides standard sequence analysis methods at commercial rates.


For more information on the services provided within the facility, please contact:

Existing IGC staff and students can access more information on our IGC Sharepoint: