Institute of Genetics and Cancer


The Institute partnership of the MRC Human Genetics Unit, CRUK Edinburgh Centre and Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine provides access to state of the art scientific facilities, scientific infrastructure and business support.

Acknowledging Facilities in Publications

Acknowledging the contribution of our research facilities provides a mechanism to demonstrate their success thus increasing their visibility internally and externally.

Advanced Imaging Resource

IGMM imaging
Access to and support with visualisation and quantification of samples using cutting edge imaging technologies.

Animal Models

IGMM zebrafish facility
Dedicated facilities ensuring animal welfare and the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement are applied in every area of our animal research.

Bioinformatics analysis core

IGMM Bioinformatics Analysis Core
Bioinformatics support, advice and training.

DNA Sequencing Facility

MRC Human Genetics Unit facilities technical services
Sequencing facility, data and analysis.

Flow cytometry facility

State-of-the-art Flow cytometry equipment, training and expertise.

The Genomic Data Analysis Centre

The Genomic Data Analysis Centre is a University facility located at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer, supported by the MRC Human Genetics Unit.

Mass spectrometry

IGMM facilities
Providing insights into the genetic and molecular basis of disease.

HTPU microarray services

HTPU microarray services
Providing insights into the genetic and molecular basis of disease.

Phenotypic discovery facility

IGMM Phenotypic Discovery Facility
We adopt a collaborative model to develop and apply novel cell-based phenotypic assay technologies across disease areas.

Scientific infrastructure

Scientific infrastructure and services to support our Institute's research.

Business support

IGMM finance
Professional services, including Design and Communications, Finance, Human Resources and Studentships support.

MRC HGU Genome Engineering Resource

The MRC HGU Genome Engineering Resource supports our ambition is to link genotype to phenotype, connecting genetic variation to dysfunction across scales to comprehensively interpret the human genome as a platform for better diagnosing and treating human disease.