Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Meeting your personal tutor

Guidance on how you can best prepare for your meetings with your personal tutor.

All taught students have a personal tutor, with whom they will have scheduled meetings.

The role of your personal tutor

The primary role of your personal tutor is to:

  • help you to review your academic progress
  • provide opportunities for you to reflect on how your learning can help you to pursue your future development
  • help you to feel a part of the community of learners in your subject area(s)

To ensure that this can happen, you will have individual and group meetings with your personal tutor, which you must attend. It's important to prepare for these meetings so that you can get the most out of them.

Preparing for your personal tutor meetings

These information sheets give you some suggestions of ways you can prepare for individual meetings.

Ways to prepare for individual meetings: factsheet (Meeting personal tutor) (PDF)

Using mind maps: factsheet (Meeting personal tutor) (PDF)