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Fellowship Interviews


The final hurdle of the challenging path to a fellowship is the interview. In front of a panel, you'll need to demonstrate the skills, experience, creativity and leadership expecting of future research leaders. This session will look at the typical format of fellowship interviews, the questions you might expect to face and answer your concerns about delivering the same impact in a virtual environment. 

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.

IP - your most valuable asset?


This short session is an introduction to the different types of intellectual property (IP) and why IP is important to the university and to individual researchers.  It will review the main types of IP (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, know-how) and how they can be used to generate value. It will also look at the consideration of ownership issues and some simple dos and don’ts that all those working in academic, creative and/or technical sectors should be aware of.


This workshop is running in collaboration with Edinburgh Innovations -  and is an Edinburgh Innovations sponsored event, supported by Marks & Clerk

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.

PhD Supervision - Coaching Conversations


As a PhD supervisor part of your role is to enable students to develop their independence as researchers.   This can be challenging for supervisors as there is always the temptation to tell the student what to do especially if the student is linked to a specific funded project.  This practical workshop aims to equip you as supervisor with the ability to “coach” your students to enable you to support the development of independent research.  Within the workshop we will explore:

  • Coaching skills such as active listening and problem reframing.
  • A framework for having coaching conversations to enable problem solving by your students.
  • Research focussed coaching style questions.

During the workshop there will be an opportunity to put these skills into practice and gain feedback on your approach. The skills discussed in this workshop will have relevance to the management of research staff and working inside research collaborations – however the focus of the workshop is how these conversations can be managed within the context of a PhD supervisory relationship.

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Public Engagement Online


Thinking about engaging with audiences online, but don’t know where to start?

There is currently an unprecedented demand for public engagement activity online, however there is a need to maintain the quality of any public engagement activity and online engagement is a different skill set to the usual public engagement carried out by staff and students.

This workshop will address some of the considerations for engaging online, where this differs from face to face engagement and where there are similarities.

Online environments offer some enormous freedoms compared to 'real world' events, but, of course, they also have some drawbacks and difficulties. We will help you explore the possibilities for creating an effective online activity that achieves the same aim as your intended offline activity. And we will take you through key considerations for planning and delivering a successful online activity, including looking at accessibility, safeguarding, privacy, and evaluation.

This session is aimed at researchers with some public engagement experience and staff in a role supporting public engagement

Please note that this course will proceed with attendees taking part remotely.

Please book your place by Friday 8 May - an email will be sent on this date providing details of setup requirements and relevant links for taking part in the course. 

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.

Supervising Flexibly


This on-line workshop provides advice and support for research supervisors who are now having to supervise more flexibly in response to changing circumstances. It will include strategies for:

  • Maintaining the relationship – meetings/virtual meetings (frequency, length, structure, tools)
  • Helping students with Plan B – dealing with interruptions to their research
  • Contingency planning as levels change
  • Responding to students’ concerns (personal, funding, time, access to data)
  • Supporting students at different stages (new, mid-candidature and finishing)
  • Mental health issues
  • Looking after yourself

The webinar will be interactive with participants given the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.