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Institute for Academic Development

Writing resources

Resources for research active academics, designed to support your writing.

Guides and resources on different writing topics, to give you an opportunity to focus on specific areas of your writing.

Writing productively guide

This guide, written especially for research active academics, covers the four pillars of writing productively and offers ideas for apps and books that can help you.

Writing productively (PDF)

An introduction to Metrics guide

This guide, written especially for research active academics, gives an overview of metrics and suggests further reading and videos.

A Brief Introduction to Metrics (PDF)

Academic Writing in the Sciences

This guide, written especially for research active academics in the sciences, gives an overview of the structure of a scientific paper, thesis or dissertation, a framework for organising your writing, and further resources.

Academic Writing in the Sciences (PDF)

Facilitating a writing retreat

If you are interested in running your own writing retreats, we have a ‘Facilitators Guide’. This will give you an idea of the structure of different retreats, the things to think about before and during the retreat and your role as facilitator.

Writing Retreat Facilitator Guide (PDF)


November is known as Academic Writing Month and during this month the IAD run a local contribution called WriteFest. The aim of this writing festival is to bring people together to raise awareness and celebrate academic writing. In 2020, with the adjustment to home working we asked our participants to provide some ‘Top Tips’ for writing from home.  This infographic provides a summary of WriteFest 2020 and a selection of writing tips.

WriteFest 2020 - summary (PDF)

English Grammar and Punctuation

A study guide addressing the commonest problems that people face when it comes to grammar and punctuation.

Grammar and Punctuation Guide (PDF)

Writing an Effective Abstract

A study guide addressing the particular challenges posed by abstract writing and a strategy for writing effective abstracts.

Writing an Effective Abstract

Writing an Effective Literature Review

A study guide clearing up some misconceptions about what a literature review is and what it is not, along with breaking down the process into a series of simple steps to create a simple, practical strategy to write an effective literature review.

Writing an Effective Literature Review

Making your Research Open Access

The Research Support Team in the Library have produced a number of really useful guides to help you understand the implications of open access research and publishing. Note that this is a developing issue and this section of their website will be updated regularly.

Information on Open Access, research funders' policies and costs.

External guides

These guides have been produced by organisations outside the University.

How to Publish your Research (PDF) A guide from The Royal Society of Chemistry to help you create a high quality article. 

This publishing guide is one example from a specific discipline, we recommend searching on the relevant professional body webpages to find subject specific advice