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Ingenious Women

The Institute for Academic Development are committed to supporting female researchers develop their skills and advance their careers at the University, and beyond.

Although all of our courses offer support and guidance for women (as well as men), the IAD also provide courses (Ingenious Women and Enterprising Women) specifically for female research staff and students focused on the development of entrepreneurial capabilities, higher-level employability skills, creativity and confidence.

Ingenious Women programme

Ingenious Women is a programme which empowers female researchers to take control of their careers. Run over a series of three residential weekends, there is space provided for learning, discussion, reflection and creativity, away from work and home life.

With an emphasis on self-awareness and defining personal success each weekend revolves around one of three themes (creativity, cash and control), and involves a combination of theory, experiential learning, group discussion and feedback

Example Programme

Weekend 1: Theme - Creativity

Creativity is a set of behaviours which can be easily learnt and applied in everyday life. Learn how to boost your own creativity, understand more about the creative strengths you have and develop a strategy to improve your innovative approach.

Weekend 2: Theme - Cash

What is your attitude to money and finance? The initial focus of this workshop will be to explore and understand your own attitudes and behaviours with money and then to develop the most effective approaches. You will learn how to value and cost your ideas, be they for a business, research project or your own time. We’ll cover how money can be found to fund projects, how it can be managed and explore your own feelings about risk.

Weekend 3: Theme - Control

Managing a career is challenging. We may not always feel that we can control our environment, the people around us or even ourselves. This workshop will help you to articulate your career vision and work out how to achieve it. We will look at how to work effectively with others to help you secure your vision. Techniques will include negotiation, relationship building, self-awareness and priority setting.

Next dates & how to apply

Course datesThe next cohort of the Ingenious Women programme will run from January – March 2018, over 3x2 residential days. Attendance at all days is essential.  If anyone interested in attending this programme has childcare responsibilities and cannot arrange weekend childcare, please just speak to the IAD.

  • Friday 26th January 2018 (5pm) - Sunday 28th January (5pm)
  • Saturday 24th February (9am) - Sunday 25th February (5pm)
  • Saturday 24th March (9am) - Sunday 25th March (4pm)

How to express interest: If you are interested in applying for this programme please complete the application form below and submit to IAD by deadline of 24th November 2017. 

Ingenious Women application (MS Word)

Any questions, please email Nicola Cuthbert:

Nicola Cuthbert

Researcher Development and Enterprise Manager

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Feedback from previous participants


The course was excellent and well worthwhile. It has made a huge difference to my self-confidence and my career aspirations and given me the confidence to recognise my potential and consider more ambitious careers than I would have done prior to the course.

Ingenious Women participant

This is easily the most enjoyable, the most empowering and the most effective course I've ever been on. I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this.

Ingenious Women participant

“I have the feeling that the Ingenious Women course was a starting point for me for a great adventure in life and career. I would strongly encourage all women in research to attend it.”

Ingenious Women participant

“Having time to think, reflect and chat about important issues relating to my working life and relationships, guided by helpful activities with a group of really interesting and confident women.”

Ingenious Women participant

“I really enjoyed being taken to a place where we had the opportunity to focus on self-development, away from our day to day lives . . . I thought a lot of the resources we were given were excellent and some of the workshops were great, and it was also great to meet female colleagues in a supportive environment.“

Ingenious Women participant

More information

For more information about Ingenious Women, please contact the IAD at:

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