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Induction: Get Connected Welcome Day

Get Connected: Welcome Day & Networking for New Research Staff and Academics.


The Get Connected day is an informal induction event for new research staff and academics, in all schools / colleges, who have recently joined the University. It’s also suitable for new post-docs who have previously done their doctoral studies at the University.

Aims of the event

Discover the support and resources available to you from around the University: Round table discussions will focus on career development opportunities, applying for research funding, advice on engagement, impact and consultancy, information services, finance and developing teaching skills.

Meet other new colleagues from across the university: there are opportunities to network during breaks and as part of the table sessions.

Hear insights from senior academics: The day includes a welcome talk introducing participants to the University, and closing talk giving insights into establishing a successful academic career.

Get a professional profile picture: a photographer attends this event, and participants can get a profile picture taken, if they wish.

Find out about PURE: The University of Edinburgh’s Research Information system

How to book to attend

Next date: The next date is 12th January 2018, and the session will run from 9.00 – 13.00.

How to book: Booking is online via the University events booking website.

Book online now (EASE log-in required)

Not able to attend? You can download our Get Connected Guide - a PDF guide for new researchers, with information relevant to starting at the University in a research related role. Get Connected Online Guide (PDF)

Any questions?: Please get in touch on the email address below.

Research staff and principal investigator (PI) support

Contact details

Venue & timings

Venue: this event usually runs in the central area.

Timings: the event generally lasts about 4 hours.

Typical programme: the session is made up of 3 40-minute table sessions, hosted by support services from around the University, with participants able to choose which sessions they would like to attend. There is also usually talks from one or two senior academics, plus time for coffee and networking.

Table hosts

This flexible and interactive programme gives participants the opportunity to meet colleagues in different support services, ask questions but also get to meet each other.

The tables that run as part of this event include:

Professional Development hosted by:

Institute for Academic Development

University HR Services

Learning & Teaching hosted by:

Institute for Academic Development

Applying for grant funding at Edinburgh: our culture and the help that’s available hosted by:

Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI)

Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange hosted by:

Beltane Public Engagement Network

Tools and resources to make your life easier with technology hosted by:

Information Services

Financial skills hosted by:

Finance department

Commercialisation: creating impact from your research hosted by:

Edinburgh Innovations (EI) (secured)

There are also colleagues from governance and strategic planning who attend the event, who have information about the University's research information management system PURE.

Governance & strategic planning

Information about PURE

Course feedback

I thought the round table discussions were a very good idea, as they allowed for an open conversation

The different sessions, each one for a specific topic, offered simultaneously an effective induction and the occasion to connect with other new Researcher, Academics and Chancellor's Fellows. On the whole, a very good event

The structure of the day was excellent. I enjoyed all components & thought the balance between more formal and informal parts was great

Initial introductory talk . . . and the final talk on research careers were excellent