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Professional development workshops for academic research staff. These workshops are free to all academic research staff.

The researcher development workshops and courses have been organised in different ways:

  • Complete course list: contains all the workshops by theme, listed in alphabetical order, with information and user guides to help you locate and book workshops in People and Money Learning app.
  • At-a-glance: lists workshop names and dates this month and next, in date order.
  • Researcher Development Framework (RDF): workshops mapped to the national framework for researcher skills.

Please be aware that each grouping contains the same workshops overall, just presented in different ways.


Update Sep 2022

The Institute for Academic Development continues to offer a mix of online and on-campus activities to staff and students.

During AY22/23, we will be running an increased number of on-campus options compared to the last couple of years. Do therefore check workshop and event information carefully when booking, to be sure of the mode of delivery.


IAD Digital Workshop Attendance

The IAD is committed to supporting hybrid teaching, research and working during AY21/22 and have developed new content and adapted existing provision to address the needs of researchers. 

We have planned a comprehensive programme of digital provision (workshops, events and individual consultations) for AY21/22, and are starting to reintroduce more in person events.  All Research Staff will be able to access the full range of IAD provision whether they are on campus, in Edinburgh or elsewhere.  

Find out what to expect when attending an IAD in-person or online workshop here


Complete course list

An overview of all our workshops for University of Edinburgh research staff, with information on how to locate and book them in the People and Money Learning App.

At a glance - workshops this month

Researcher development workshops quick-glance schedule. Workshops this month and next.

Workshops mapped by Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

Our researcher development workshops mapped against the UK's Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

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