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University strategy for supporting public engagement with research

About the University's public engagement with research strategy, and related strategies.

The University aims to have a reputation for engagement and impact that matches its reputation for world-class research. The University recognises that, in order to achieve this, it must fully embed a culture of public engagement with research at the University of Edinburgh.

In its Strategy for Supporting Public Engagement with Research, the University describes public engagement as the enabling of “the widest possible range of audiences to understand and make use of our research, and to ensure that our research is placed in the service of communities locally and internationally”.

Strategy for Supporting Public Engagement (PDF)

In the strategy, the notion of ‘public’ is diverse and plural, and includes but is not limited to:

  • individuals;
  • political groups and leaders;
  • business and business leaders;
  • civil servants and policy makers;
  • charities;
  • community-based and voluntary groups

The University’s strategy builds on work initiated when the University was an RCUK (now UKRI) Beacon for Public Engagement

Beacons for Public Engagement

Implementing the strategy

Implementation of the Strategy is led by the University’s Assistant Vice Principal Community Relations, Lesley McAra, who reports directly to the Senior Vice Principal. The Assistant Principal is supported by the University’s Public Engagement Strategic Coordination Group, whose members are the directors of public engagement and/or knowledge exchange in each of the University’s Colleges, plus staff from Communications and Marketing and the Institute for Academic Development.

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Researchers in the College of Science and Engineering may also find it useful to consult the College’s public engagement priorities, available from the College’s public engagement webpage.

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