Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Learning resources

Resources and guides to help you reflect on and develop how you learn and study. Topics includes academic reading, writing, planning, critical thinking, exams and dissertations.

Effective studying and learning

Reflect on and develop how you learn and study.

Critical thinking

Advice on what we mean by critical thinking, and further reading and resources.

Managing your time

Time management tips and tools for organising your studies.

Developing your English

Links to self-study independent learning packs to help you develop your English language skills.


Advice and resources to support you throughout your dissertation.

Literature review

Some general information and guidance about a literature review.

Effective exams

Advice and resources to support you with your exams covering: revision, preparation and sitting your postgraduate exams.

Literature searching

Some advice on managing a literature search.

Reading strategies

Advice and resources to help you develop effective approaches to reading.

Academic writing

Advice and resources to support you with effective academic writing.

Assignments: planning and drafting

Tips and resources on planning and drafting your work.

Group working

General information on how to make the most of group work and tips for effective group working.

Meeting academic standards

Advice and resources to help you ensure your academic work follows the appropriate standards.

Presentations and posters

Guidance and tips for producing effective oral and visual presentations.

Digital media

Links to a wide range of digital media tools that can help you with learning, conducting and sharing research, and building an online profile.

Study skills guides

The advice offered in scholarship skills books and guides can help to supplement and clarify advice and guidance from your tutors, lecturers and supervisors.

Guides and codes

A number of University regulations, sets of guidance and Codes of Practice apply to your studies.