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Online courses

Online courses you may find helpful in supporting your studies, that cover academic writing; working with research data; and IT training.

IAD PGT workshops online

We run a number of our study skills workshops as online sessions, open to both online students and on-campus students.

Please look at our open workshops webpage and check for courses designated 'PGT - Online':

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Working with research data

MANTRA: research data management training MANTRA is a non-credit, free course which provides guidelines for good practice in research data management. It includes self-study software practicals on SPSS and NVivo, plus tutorials on organising, formatting and storing digital research data.

MANTRA: research data management training

Statistics courses on LinkedIn Learning

Statistics Foundations 1: Learn the most common statistics, including mean, median, standard deviation, probability and more, in these beginner-level statistics lessons.

Statistics Foundations 1 - find out more

Statistics Foundations 2: Get practical, example-based learning of the intermediate skills associated with statistics: samples and sampling, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

Statistics Foundations 2 - find out more

Statistics Foundations 3: Complete your mastery of statistics. Get an advanced understanding of concepts such as t-distribution, degrees of freedom, chi-square testing, regression testing, and ANOVA.

Statistics Foundations 3 - find out more

IT training

Self-study workbooks with practical exercises covering a range of IT and communications themes.

Subject-specific courses

Massive Open Online Courses - or 'MOOCs' - are increasingly becoming available from a number of leading international Universities.

Coursera brings together a number of these courses; subject areas include humanities and social sciences; healthcare, medicine and biology; maths and statistics; economics, finance and business; and computer science.