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We're here to discuss your training needs, and to answer questions you have about our skills courses.

Course booking and enquiries

Research student skills courses

  • student course bookings
  • external participant course enquiries
  • certificates of attendance

Research student training and development

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Course management enquiries

Course management

  • requests for new courses
  • training advice: what course is right for me / for my student?

Louise McKay

Events Operations and Doctoral Programme Manager

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IT-related enquiries

  • online course (e.g. Prepare for Doctoral Success) enquiries
  • IT support

Karsten Moerman

IT Manager

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Finance, invoice or expenses queries


Research student training strategy and planning:

  • Information and advice on School support and training activities

Dr Fiona Philippi

Head of Researcher Development | Assistant Director, IAD

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Research students who teach

  • courses and events for tutors and demonstrators
  • advice and support for tutoring and demonstrating
  • resources for tutors and demonstrators

Tutors and demonstrators: further queries and contact details

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