Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Workshops by theme

IAD workshops for postgraduate researchers by theme. Workshops on: Research Planning & Management; Communication & Impact; Writing & Publishing; Digital & Library Skills; Statistics; Personal Effectiveness; and Public Engagement.

The following workshops make up our core programme open to all postgraduate researchers, and are displayed by theme.

Research Planning and Management

  • Managing your Research Project
  • Practical Project Management for Research Students
  • Viva Survivor
  • Research Integrity & Ethics Workshop
  • Good Practice in Research Data Management
  • Finding Funding for Your Research

Communication and Impact

  • Designing Effective Slides
  • Public Speaking, Networking and Engaging
  • Presenting made Easy – Presentation Techniques
  • Presenting Made Easy – Delivering Presentations
  • Presenting your Poster Pitch
  • Research, Researchers and the Media, a hands on approach to communicating your research
  • How to design an effective conference poster
  • Presenting with ease (online)
  • ‘Just Present’ Presentation Peer Practice Sessions
  • Effective Conference Posters (online)  

Writing and Publishing

  • Academic writing peer review
  • Beating Writers Block
  • Effective Writing: Grammar
  • How to be your own best editor
  • Is my writing ‘Academic’ Enough?
  • Just Write
  • Proof Reading
  • Text, Coherence, Structure and Argumentation
  • The Writing Process: Getting Started
  • Writing a Literature Review
  • Writing Abstracts
  • Writing Clinic
  • Writing for Publication
  • Writing Retreat
  • Writing Well: Language and Style
  • Academic Writer – Creative Writer
  • An Introduction to Copyright and Publishing
  • This is what I do… and this is why it matters
  • Collaborative writing and publishing
  • Grammar and punctuation (online)
  • Writing Freely: Blogging about your research

Digital and Library Skills

  • Beginners Guide to Imaging
  • Searching Literature and Managing Bibliographies
  • Managing a Bibliography in Endnote
  • Finding Academic Literature
  • Social media for impact: strategy, connecting & metrics
  • PhD Library orientation & searching the research literature


  • Statistical Consultancy 1:1 Session
  • Introductory Statistics for Life Scientists

Personal Effectiveness

  • Conference and Events Organising
  • Creating Effective Collaboration
  • Creative Problem Solving for Researchers
  • Imposter Syndrome: Why Successful people often feel like frauds
  • Ease the Load – Feel good about your busy life
  • How to be an Effective Researcher
  • Mapping your Mind
  • Seven Secrets of a Highly Successful Research Student
  • Simply Assertive
  • Speed Reading
  • Teambuilding and Leadership Fundamentals
  • Think Strategically Respond Rapidly
  • Managing your Work, your Goals and Yourself
  • Developing Personal Presence and Contacts
  • Managing Your Work: Working with Other People
  • Time Management (Online)

Public Engagement

  • Communications Toolkit for a Public Audience
  • Dialogue: Public Engagement Beyond Public Lectures!
  • Storytelling Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Voice and Presentation Skills Workshop
  • How to Design a Public Engagement Process
  • Facilitation skills for public engagement
  • An Introduction to Public Engagement

More information, dates, and how to book

For more information, dates and booking please see our Workshops A-Z list:

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