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Academic Communication Skills for New Postgraduate Researchers (CSCE and CMVM)


***First Year Students Only***

This session is aimed primarily at first year international post-graduate research students whose first language is not English.

It is intended to provide guidance to students who would like to feel more confident when communicating about their research, whether in interaction with their supervisors, or when presenting their research in written or spoken form. The workshop will cover:

  • Email etiquette
  • Making requests
  • Presenting your research
  • Extending your academic vocabulary
  • Enhancing your writing through reading
  • Other sources of help with academic writing


Learning Outcomes - after attending this workshop you shoulod feel more confident about:

  • Communicating with your supervisor
  • Telling others about your research, in speech and in writing
  • Working independently to enhance your academic English, using texts in your discipline and other resources

The workshop will not cover research methods

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.

PGR Mid-Semester Welcome Event


Postgraduate students arriving after Welcome Week still have the opportunity to attend University welcome events.

This interactive welcome, hosted online by the Institute for Academic Developent, is suitable for those who have started a research degree recently. During the session, you will be provided with an overview of key expectations, training and support.

  • how to manage your Research
  • the support that is available to you at the University
  • Library Services
  • Edinburgh University Students Association
BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.

Presentation Skills Workshop: School of GeoSciences


At every stage of your PhD being able to give a clear, effective and informative presentation is an important skill. This workshop, which mixes short interactive lectures, videos and discussion, teaches you the basic rules of giving presentations. This workshop is relevant for individuals from any discipline who have no previous presenting experience, and for those who wish to improve their skills.

After the workshop each participant will:

  • understand the importance of preparation
  • know how to design a presentation – beginnings, middles and end
  • be aware of the effective use of PowerPoint – less is more
  • know how to deal with questions

List of Learning Outcomes. By the end of this workshop, students should be able to:

1. Increase your confidence in developing your professional presence and know how you might present more persuasively2. Understand the origin and purpose of nerves, and how you might address them prior to giving a presentation3. Be better able to have an impact on your audience 

This course relates to domains B1 and D2 of the RDF

BookingsThere are currently no events scheduled for this course. Please check back later.