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Evaluation & gathering data

Online resources which describe useful evaluation methods. These are also sensible places to consult when planning a SoTL project.

There is no single place to consult with regards to undertaking SoTL work but the following resources may help. 


These two books are useful and accessible places to start though note, neither mentions SoTL in their titles.

  • Cleaver, E, Lintern, M, and McLinden M (2014) Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Disciplinary Approaches to Educational Enquiry. London: Sage.
  • Cousin, G. (2009). Researching learning in higher education: An introduction to contemporary methods and approaches. New York, NY: Routledge


Here are some online resources which describe useful evaluation methods and these are also sensible places to consult when planning a SoTL project. 

Classroom Assessment Techniques is a classic book that contains many methods of obtaining feedback. Some of these can be accessed online.

Classroom Assessment Techniques - guidance Vanderbilt University

In particular, we suggest you look at the 'minute paper' which is a quick, easy and potentially powerful way of getting feedback throughout a course.

The 'Minute Paper' technique - guidance (PDF)

Evaluation cookbook: Another resource that explains the main forms of evaluation (questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and more) is the Evaluation Cookbook from the Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative. Whilst this resource was produced initially to evaluate online learning many of the methods are applicable in any context.

Evaluation Cookbook