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SoTL dissemination

Suggestions for dissemination your work locally, within your academic discipline, and openly online.

SoTL involves making our work public in some way and available for peer scrutiny and feedback. Traditional routes to ‘going public’ are through journal articles, conference presentations and scholarly books and all of these are routes for SoTL. So we have listed some appropriate journals and conferences on the following page:

SoTL conferences and journals

However, there has been much debate in the literature about SoTL and the fact that it should not be conflated with traditional research; remember Boyer distinguished between the Scholarship of Teaching and the Scholarship of Discovery.  So here we suggest different methods of communication that might be appropriate for the dissemination of your SoTL work.  The way you go public depends on the type of SoTL work you’ve done and its intended audience.

Going public locally

Disseminating locally can either be as a forerunner to disseminating your work more widely or an end in itself.  It may be that the outcomes of a SoTL project are of particular interest to your own department or your own university. If so, consider institutional or departmental paper or electronic updates or newsletters. Get yourself invited to departmental meetings or you could organise a coffee and cakes event and invite the right people. Your work might be of interest to PhD students who teach or departmental administrators as well as academic staff.

If the work you have done is transferable to other departments consider talking to the person who chairs your school or institution’s learning and teaching committee. Often such committees welcome inputs especially if they are of strategic relevance. 

Discipline specific dissemination

Is you work likely to be of interest to other teachers in the discipline? If they are then are there local, regional or national groups or societies you could approach.  If no such group exists then consider starting one either through a face-to-face meeting or online through an email list.

Online publishing

There are a whole host of ways of going public online from setting up your own website or blog to interacting with colleagues through social media. There are a number of ways of publishing online either using recognised sites that specialise in SoTL or teaching and learning issues or by going solo.

Set up a blog (online webblog or online journal). There are many blog sites freely available – see in particular Elgg.

Online social networks You could site the outcomes of your SoTL project on any one of a number of social networking sites., for instance, allows you to upload unpublished articles for peer scrutiny or publicise the work.