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Institute for Academic Development

SoTL conferences & journals

Suggestions for journals and conferences you may wish to read and attend, and / or submit to and present at. Note that many appropriate conferences and journals do not use the term 'SoTL'.

SoTL conferences

It’s challenging to keep up to date with all available conferences but Conal conference alerts is the best we’ve seen. 

Conal conference alerts - higher education theme

We also recommend that you join one or two discussion lists in your discipline area in the hope that this will keep you updated. 

There are many SoTL conferences (though not all will include SoTL in their title) including:

SoTL journals

There are many journals that publish SoTL work.  Below we have listed just a few.

You might also want to consider higher education research journals. Again there are many, here are just a few: