Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Transition to Honours

Downloadable resources for staff to help support students’ academic transitions from pre-Honours to Honours.

These resources are based on the IAD’s ‘Stepping Up to Honours’ workshop for undergraduate students and comprise:

  • PowerPoint with facilitation notes for an induction to Honours session
  • detailed guidance notes
  • worksheets

You can use these resources to run an Induction to Honours session in your School and/or select activities and material to add into your current practice, course handbooks or Personal Tutoring sessions.

All material is downloadable and adaptable, so please feel free to customise it to suit the needs of your programme and students.

Induction to Honours session


This Induction session includes:

  • what Honours is like;
  • what is expected of students;
  • an academic skills audit activity;
  • advice on what works for Honours-level studying;
  • and a planning next steps activity.


The aim of this Induction session is to help students better understand the move to Honours-level study and help them be prepared for this often-challenging transition.

Structure and Content

The session contains a range of material including: student discussion in pairs, delivered content and reflective individual exercises to help students take a proactive approach to this academic transition. The content can be populated with local examples from School / programmes, to better contextulise the session to the students' own learning environment.


Introduction to Honours PowerPoint slides with facilitation notes (MS PPT)

Detailed Guidance Notes (PDF)

Detailed Guidance Notes (MS Word)

Honours Scholarship Skills handout (PDF)

Honours Scholarship Skills handout (MS Word)

Making Adjustments handout (PDF)

Making Adjustments handout (MS Word)