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Institute for Academic Development


This model provides a framework that you can use with your students to help them reflect upon and plan the development of their existing skills and approaches to learning.

Fostering Reflection

Building reflection into transition practice is an effective way of ‘starting with the student’ rather than the institution. Whilst institutional expectations are obviously important, learners can become more engaged when they realise that they are not beginning university ‘tabula rasa’ and that their existing skills, knowledge and experiences are valuable and valued.

The reflection model of transitions allows students to review their existing skills and approaches to studying and supports them to evaluate these skills in a university context.



Background for building reflection into new chapters in students' learning e.g. beginning undergraduate study (How to Succeed at University) and beginning Honours (Stepping up to Honours).

Example of good practice and resources

Practical activities to use with your students to help them reflect and develop their academic practice.

Student feedback

Student feedback on How to Succeed at University and Stepping Up to Honours (generic) workshops.