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Learning to learn in your subject

This model builds subject contextualised inductions that support students’ transitions into university learning and teaching practice in their subject.

Learning To Learn In Your Subject


The Learning to Learn in your subject model of transitions is built on Wingate’s (2007) work which highlights the importance of contextualising study skills in each academic discipline.

Whilst generic academic skills are important and helpful, subject-specific and contextualised study skills are often the gold standard of academic development.


Background and rationale

Learning to Learn in Your Subject Model in Induction: background and rationale

Example of good practice and resources

Learning to Learn in Your Subject in Induction: ‘Learning to Learn Mathematics’, includes outline, aims, structure, content, and resources.

Student feedback on learning to learn in mathematics

Feedback from students who participated in the activity

The Learning to Learn In Your Subject model of transition this toolkit presents was developed in partnership with the School of Mathematics’ Student Learning Advisor, Pamela Docherty and designed to help students adjust to the differences between learning mathematics at school or college and university.

This model can be used a template to build subject specific academic transitions in any subject.