Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Student feedback on Building Student Confidence Workshop

Feedback from University of Edinburgh students who have participated in academic confidence building activities.

The thing that was most helpful was:

  • Learning that mistakes don’t equal failure/ talking about failure
  • Peer discussion/ talking in small groups about the questions/ talking about how others feel crippling fear sometimes too
  • Understanding that fear isn’t always a bad thing- embrace it
  • Discussion on failure and how it doesn’t have to be negative
  • Understanding the true definition and consequence of failure and feedback/ understanding that making mistakes and learning from them is a very effective way to learn
  • Actually talking to you. Also listening to people’s views in other years
  • The time that I got to really think about my own experience and look at it with fresh perspective
  • Reminding me that action is what it is that matters
  • Understanding attitude is important in studies
  • Station B about the mindset


Can you tell us anything that you will do as a result of this workshop?

  • Not put off doing a piece of work because I think it will be too hard for me/ I’ll fail
  • Read about ‘growth mindset’ and be cautious when I find myself entering the ‘fixed mindset’ mode/ think about moving my fixed mindset more often
  • Stay calm if I make a mistake/ understanding the importance of mistakes/ try not to get too worked up about small mistakes
  • View occasional failure as positive
  • Reflect more
  • I’m going to really focus on my studies – ensuring I don’t give up when things are hard
  • Focus more on active learning, maybe take more time for myself
  • I think it has given me an idea for some kind of plan to improve myself academically• I’ll start actually doing instead of just planning to do
  • Try to have a more open mind about my learning
  • Try to have a more positive attitude towards work and assignments that seem difficult
  • Learning as I do isn’t best for me
  • Have confidence in myself
  • Look at things differently
  • Be aware of my fear and look at it positively also see problems as opportunities