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Institute for Academic Development

Building student resilience model

This toolkit focuses on the ‘academic confidence’ aspect of resilience and offers a model that helps students to deal with and overcome: challenge, setback and fear of failure.

Building Resilience

The Building Student Resilience transitions model focuses on the ‘academic confidence’ aspect of resilience as the more holistic definition of resilience as ‘wellbeing’ is beyond the scope of the academic focus of this toolkit.

The ‘resilience’ that this model specifically seeks to build in students includes

  • the confidence to overcome problems that students often face in their learning
  • mindsets that encourage a positive response to setback, challenge and fear of failure.


Background and rationale

Background and rationale of this model which supports the ongoing development of students’ academic confidence at various points throughout the semester.

Example of good practice and resources

Practical activities you can use with your students to help build their academic confidence.

Student feedback on Building Student Confidence Workshop

Feedback from University of Edinburgh students who have participated in academic confidence building activities.