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Institute for Academic Development

Lecture recording for personal use

6. Students shall be permitted to audio record lectures, tutorials and supervision sessions using their own equipment for their own personal learning.

Do students need to ask permission to do this?

No, all students now have automatic permission to audio record material.

How will I be recorded?

Students will use their own personal equipment.

However, if you prefer to conduct the recording for the whole class you can do this using the University's lecture recording service, Media Hopper Replay, if you are in a room that has been equipped with the service.  More information about Media Hopper Replay and enabled teaching spaces, can be found on the Media Hopper Replay web pages.

How long will students be allowed to keep recordings for?

Recorded materials made by students must be destroyed before the student graduates, but may be destroyed following the final assessment for the specific course.

Sometimes it is necessary to discuss confidential information which cannot be recorded, in these cases can we ask students to stop recording?

Yes, teaching staff have the right to insist that recording stops if sensitive or confidential information is discussed. In these cases reasons should be made clear to students.

What will happen if students misuse recordings of my teaching?

The conditions of use are set out in the University rules and regulations that students agree to at matriculation. Failure to comply with the conditions of use will be a disciplinary offence. Students will be made aware of the conditions of use at matriculation, all details may be found on the University website:

Will I still own the intellectual property rights?

Yes, all intellectual property rights will remain with the University and/or individual members of teaching staff as appropriate.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Sometimes students will want to discuss personal, sensitive or confidential matters with you after class. Staff must be aware and try to ensure that all parties are positioned well away from recording devices for such conversations.

How will this benefit students?

This will support students’ note-taking efforts, facilitate review of complex content, and aid revision. It is anticipated that this will be used to supplement students’ lecture experiences and help them to concentrate on actively participating in classes. Recorded lectures build on the value of the lecture and should not be seen as a replacement for lecture attendance.

How will this benefit staff?

Students will be able to actively engage with learning and teaching without having to write constant notes throughout. They will be able to consolidate notes after listening to the recordings, and will be able to use the recordings to better prepare for exams.