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Institute for Academic Development

Practical classes

Information relevant to making practical classes more accessible.

Ensuring that practical classes have clear learning objectives will clarify whether students have to attend and to what extent they must participate.

It is perfectly feasible that a student could take as much away from a practical class from observing practical activity as from completing the practical activity.

The department’s acquisition, over time, of a variety of types of equipment can help to prepare for the diverse needs of future students. For example:

Check list

  • If you are choosing task lighting, can you envisage the need by some student for a fluorescent magnifying lamp?
  • If you are installing benching in a work area, might some students in future need adjustable height working surfaces, or adjustable height seating?
  • If students use computers during practical classes, might there be a need for some students to have a large screen, or an alternative keyboard?
  • If student need to read settings on equipment, are there available adaptations which convert LCD displays to speech output?
  • If you use videos are they subtitled?

For more information on specific accessible equipment you may find the following helpful: