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Study abroad

Information relevant to study abroad and accessibility.

It is important that careful consideration is given to whether study abroad is core to the course or whether students could successfully learn language and literature components in the UK. However, should study abroad be core, it is expected that the institution will investigate the provision at partner institutions and then pass on information to the student about what to expect.

Please consider:

  • Whether the student’s learning profiles can be adopted in the partner institution.
  • If not what support can be put in place?

For more information on Study Abroad please see:

UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others (PDF)

Example: "The organisation arranging the year in St. Petersburg wasn’t overjoyed to learn that a student with juvenile chronic arthritis wanted to go! But a student who came back told me that the hostel where students live was in the same building as the teaching block. This meant I wouldn’t even have to go outside in the morning to get to classes… I got a grant from SAAS to cover things like extra transport, as well as laundry and cleaning, things I find difficult as my hands are weak"