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Field trips

Information relating to making fieldwork more accessible.

It is important to assess whether active participation in field trips is necessary, or whether students could achieve the same learning outcomes from virtual participation.

For more information on the value of virtual field courses see:

Case study

"Three years ago we accepted a wheel chair user onto our programme. At first this may not sound remarkable but the student was studying Outdoor Education. In the 40 years of the programme running this was our first wheelchair user. Several adjustments had to be made for field trips and residential venues that were not wheel chair accessible had to be changed with major implications for the content of courses and involved a range of implications for other students. The experience was rich and rewarding for all involved on a number of different levels."

- Outdoor Education

In this case study there were a number of adjustments made for the student, these included:

  • Negotiating with Historic Scotland to agree for a convenient camping venue
  • Negotiating funding for an all-terrain wheelchair so that the student could easily access field trips
  • Where physical access simply was not possible even with adjustments a tutor provided support to ensure that she was able to achieve the same learning outcome through a different method