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What is off-campus teaching?

What is off-campus teaching, what are its challenges, and confidentiality issues.

What is off-campus teaching?

Any learning and teaching which happens away from the University, including but not limited to:

  • Placements
  • Study abroad
  • Field trips

Why does off campus learning and teaching pose specific challenges?

All new environments present new challenges.


  • A student may need new accommodation
  • A student may now need to negotiate a long or more complicated commute
  • The educational programme may now in part be controlled by a professional body or industry as opposed to simply the home institution.

However although the home institution may have less control over how the student is treated when they get into this external environment, it is important that if the external learning is a requirement of the course that students are made aware of requirements pre-application.

Check list

You must make clear:

  • Whether participation is a requirement of the course, and whether alternative ways of satisfying course requirements exist such as virtual participation.
  • What is involved in participation: what is likely to happen and what preparation is required.
  • What the likely costs are.
  • What the arrangements are in the case of the student’s sickness or emergency.


Non-disclosure of a disability may make it more difficult for a student to receive ‘reasonable adjustments’ in their new working or learning environment.

However, like all other disclosures, under the Data Protection Act you must always gain the student’s permission before disclosing a disability to their employer or host. For more information on data protection, please see Records Management guidance:

Data Protection guidance: Records Management section website