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Events & workshops

A number of digital education focused workshops and courses are offered across the academic year.

Dates and booking links: once available for these workshops, they will be published on the IAD's Learning & Teaching Workshops A-Z page.

Introduction to Online Learning

An entirely online course which takes place over 5 weeks, usually in October/November each year. The course is aimed at staff who are involved with teaching or supporting students enrolled in online programmes at the University of Edinburgh. Participants will gain direct experience of participating in an online environment as a student. The course requires at least three hours participation per week which comprises of a mix of weekly discussions, group activities and live virtual classrooms. Dates for the virtual classrooms will be issued in advance, and these sessions are recorded for those unable to attend although live participation is recommended when possible.

The course is delivered by the Head of Academic Development for Digital Education at IAD, in collaboration with colleagues from across the university who contribute to a weekly live virtual classroom.

An outline of the weekly topics can be found below:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to online learning (An Introduction to the course structure and tools).
  • Week 2 – Participation: building an online community
  • Week 3 – Co-creation of learning
  • Week 4 – Assessment and feedback in an online environment
  • Week 5 – Sharing practice

The next intake dates are to be confirmed.  Dates and an online booking link will be added here once available.

Digital Education

This course is an optional course for participants already registered on the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice.

Further details can be found on the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice webpages.

Engaging Students Online

This online workshop is aimed at tutors from the University of Edinburgh who are new or have recently started teaching in an online environment. The course will be delivered via Collaborate Ultra to give participants experience of learning in an online context and to gain an understanding of some of the benefits and barriers that student s may face when learning online.

During the session we will explore what student expectations of learning in an online environment may be, approaches we can use to engage and support students online, and some of the skills an online tutor will need.

After attending this workshop you will:

  • Have gained experience of learning in an online environment;
  • Be aware of approaches that can be used to engage students online;
  • Have considered some of the skills an online tutor will need to develop to support students effectively online;

Find out more: Dates & booking for IAD workshops for tutors and demonstrators

Practical Strategies for Teaching in a Digital World

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to consider the development of their teaching practice as digital technologies become more embedded in the curriculum.

This workshop will be of interest to colleagues who are working towards their fellowship of the Higher Education Academy through the Edinburgh Teaching Award.

It will also be of benefit to colleagues who are interested in developing their understanding of the range of capabilities that could be explored and developed when teaching in a digital world.

By the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Gained an understanding of the digital capabilities of a higher education teaching practitioner;
  • Identified aspects of digital capabilities they want to develop;
  • Considered how to develop the digital capabilities of their students;

Date(s) for this workshop, when available, will be published on the IAD's Learning & Teaching Workshops A-Z page.