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Institute for Academic Development

Enhancing feedback

Details about the University's feedback enhancement strategy, and enhancing feedback website.

How does the University approach feedback?

The University of Edinburgh takes provision, and understanding, of feedback very seriously, and is taking measures to provide feedback to undergraduate students.

Two guiding principles underpin the strategic approach adopted by the University.

First principle: that the effective provision of feedback is highly contingent, varying from task to task, from subject to subject and from one course setting to another. No single measure or strategy is therefore likely to be optimal across the institution.

Second principle: that enhancement initiatives should be evidence-based, drawing on relevant research and scholarship and on documented efforts to improve feedback.

Where can I find more information?

The University's feedback website is also part of the feedback enhancement strategy.

The site, which is aimed at both staff and students, aims to:

  • help staff take a fresh look at feedback
  • explore ways in which feedback provision might be improved
  • share examples of good practice across the University
  • help students understand and use feedback

It contains a wide range of general and subject-specific case studies, research, and detailed advice.