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Record keeping

Some short advice on keeping records of your student meetings.


The new Personal Tutor software is delivered within EUCLID.

Information and user guides are available on the EUCLID website.

Record keeping: confidentiality and purpose

Information that you keep about students is technically the property of the University. When keeping records, you should observe the principle of confidentiality and observe University guidelines.

Records management: what Personal Tutors and Student Support Teams need to know

Records management section: information for all staff

Properly maintained records can serve a number of purposes. They can provide:

  • a profile of a student’s academic career and performance
  • a correspondence file for each student
  • an aide memoir for you
  • a reference source for when you have to act on behalf of the student
  • a data source for monitoring your work load

Suggestion for what to record

It is strongly recommended that you and your students make notes of relevant student meetings. You may find it helpful to use the following categories of data in their records for each student:

  • biographical details
  • academic details
  • significant life events
  • consultation details

Essentially, your records should briefly explain the decisions you make.

Students use the Personal Tutor software to record comments and reflections on their meetings with their Personal Tutor. Staff write notes to support students. There is a brief on confidentiality issues for recording notes in the Personal Tutor software on EUCLID. This explains who can see open notes, confidential notes and sets out levels of confidentiality for recording information.

Maintaining your records

Students could request to see their records under both data protection and Freedom of Information legislation.

Records should therefore be created clearly and professionally.

Emails are work records too; significant emails should be retained like other records.

How long to retain records

The Records Management Section recommends that you keep appropriate records for as long as they are needed.

Schools and Services will have retention schedules which set out how long to keep particular records.