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Institute for Academic Development

Why meet in groups?

An overview of how groupwork may benefit your students.

Some of your students may be unfamiliar with groupwork, so you will need to spell out the potential benefits to their studies, their careers and their wider learning. It can also be useful to acknowledge that it takes time, practice and perseverance to learn how to make the most of groups. It's important that they see the activities as purposeful, non-trivial and enjoyable.

Getting to know your students

Meeting in groups can help new students get to know you and each other in an informal way. Group meetings also give you the opportunity to find out more about your students, their expectations and experience of the University and their future career plans.

Developing confidence and skills

Meeting in groups can help students to develop confidence and to feel part of a community of learners.

Working on tasks together encourages them to draw on the experience and knowledge that they bring with them to their studies and can prevent feelings of isolation in what may seem like a huge and impersonal organisation.

Encouraging active learning

Groupwork shifts the focus away from passive acceptance of the tutor’s input to active participation, preparing students for lifelong independent learning.

It can be lively and fun. Students can often achieve more in less time than they would with individual appointments.