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The Experience of Learning

‘The Experience of Learning: Implications for teaching and studying in higher education’ presents results of research from studies into the way students learn in higher education.

About the book

The Experience of Learning was first published in 1984 and interest in its content remains buoyant; it continues to be regularly cited by researchers, teachers and others concerned with the pedagogy of higher education.

However, the book is currently out of print and the editors have made the book's contents widely and freely available on the internet.

The present Internet version was produced in 2005.

Using the book

Any of the chapters may be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.

They may also be photocopied or reproduced for non-profit educational purposes, provided that the source is explicitly and openly acknowledged and no amendments are made to the text.

Formal copyright remains with the editors and contributors, who continue to assert their moral rights.

Citing the book

The book's chapters retain their pagination in electronic format, so can continue to be referred to in any future citations.

Example citation: Hounsell, D. (2005) 'Contrasting conceptions of essay-writing'. In: Marton, F., Hounsell, D. and Entwistle, N., (eds.) The Experience of Learning: Implications for teaching and studying in higher education. 3rd (Internet) edition. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. pp. 106-125.

Chapter by chapter

Part I: Background and Basic Concepts

Part II: Experiences and Conceptions of Studying

Part III: Teaching and the Learning Environment