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IAD case studies website

Examples of good practice from around the university which may be helpful in providing ideas for your own work.

We are keen to identify and share practice across the University. Schools and support services have developed a range of highly effective and efficient ways of supporting students to make the most of their University experience. We have gathered these examples together on our new IAD Case Studies website:

IAD Case Studies Website

The case studies have been grouped into eight broad themes. An initial focus has been on examples to illustrate excellent support for students. Some describe activities with students, with examples drawn from both undergraduate and postgraduate contexts; other case studies focus on supporting staff to support students. All specifically consider the potential for adapting the practice described, for use elsewhere.

  • Academic Communities
  • Academic Support
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Curriculum Development
  • Digital Education
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Experential Learning
  • Learning Environments
  • Scholarship of Learning
  • Staff Development
  • Student Career Development
  • Student Led Learning

New examples are constantly being added to the collection. If you would like to contribute a case study please visit the website and visit the Submit link. You will be presented with a form that will guide you through the submission process. Please contact Karsten Moerman if you have any questions. 

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