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Virtual slaughterhouse simulator

Validation and evaluation of a virtual slaughterhouse simulator for training and educating veterinary students

Principal applicant: Alessandro Sequino


Veterinary surgeons working on farms and food processing establishments have a fundamental role in safeguarding both public health and the welfare of animals under their care. An essential part of Veterinary Public Health (VPH) undergraduate training involves students undertaking placements within abattoirs, a practice that remains vital to complete the educational experience of the future veterinary professional.

However, a number of issues have adversely affected the ability of students to gain such extra mural placements. For this reason, this project aims to strengthen and enhance undergraduate VPH teaching and learning by the development of a “Virtual Slaughterhouse” simulator (VS), where students have easy access to explore a realistic work environment with embedded educational activities.

The project will be carried out during the entire academic year and will involve final year veterinary students that will engage with the prototype VS programme. The evaluation component of the project will include assessment of students’ knowledge and behaviour when faced with a ‘real-life’ abattoir situation. Further evaluation of their experiences with the VS will be carried out with questionnaires and focus groups according to standard methodologies.

Final report

You can download the final report below:

Other project outcomes

Poster Presentation at VetEd 2012 Symposium in Edinburgh in July 2012 (PDF)

Research paper: Seguino A, Seguino F, Eleuteri A, Rhind S (2014) Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Slaughterhouse Simulator for Training and Educating Veterinary Students Journal of Veterinary Medical Education pg 1113-1150

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