Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Film in the public space

Film studies and film in the public space "Thinking Cinema"

Principal applicant: Martine Beugnet


With this project, we wish to explore one of the simple but effective ways in which the medium of film allows for innovative, advanced ways of learning and ‘doing’ theory - developing and articulating theoretical thought through the practice of the compilation film. We propose to use the grant to purchase user-friendly editing software, as well as expert training, to allow students to create compilation films as part of a portfolio of assessed work.

Staff, as well as a group of 15 to 20 students, will follow the practical training which will also address the issue of copyright. The idea is not for students to shoot new material, but to use existing footage to create theoretical, critical, or historical accounts.

Screenings and presentations of the best works will be organised for staff, including colleagues from ECA, and students.