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Maths diagnostics testing

Analysis of mathematics diagnostic test

Principal applicant: Toby Bailey


In 2011 a Mathematics Diagnostic Test was applied to incoming students in CSE who have compulsory mathematics in their degree and we have approximately 650 test results.

In this project we will analyse the test results and regression analysis will be used to determine the extent to which it and incoming qualifications can be used to predict year 1 mathematics results and hence guide admissions policy, direct students to the best mathematics course for them and identify early those that need help. We will also analyse the test itself to identify the discrimination of different questions with the aim of shortening the test if possible while maintaining its usefulness.

The project is being carried out by Toby Bailey, Lois Rollings and Chris Theobald and the grant will be used to employ a "Summer Project" student during 2012 for the statistical work.

Final project report

You can download the final report and related documents below: