Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Interdisciplinary collaboration: student projects

Developing an interdisciplinary collaboration model for biology undergraduate student-led projects.

Principal applicant: Yuhua Hu


This project intends to study the collaborative process of an existing undergraduate student-led interdisciplinary research project in the School of Biological Sciences through the use of two innovative digital devices - a smart pen and touch-screen tablet computer.

This student project, drawing students from Biology, Engineering, Informatics, Arts and Social Sciences, is run every year to participate in the prestigious International Genetically Engineered machine (iGEM) completion organised by MIT. The known functionalities of the digital devices are not only conducive for the iGEM team’s collaborative activities, but also capable of recording in-depth data on interdisciplinary teamwork for this project without disrupting the team’s normal research work.

We hope to gain a better understanding of interdisciplinary student collaboration through this unique case and construct a feasible model for small-scale student-led projects that the School plans to promote in future, especially during the University’s Innovative Learning Week.