Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

A WebCT interactive case study tool

Development of an interactive case study tool integrated into WebCT

Principal applicant: Dr Kim Picozzi

Additional team members: Dr Tim Squires, Biomedical Sciences

Provisional start and end dates: 1 Oct 2010 - 30 Sep 2011


In response to increasing from our increasingly large online student body for new and innovative methods of teaching we propose to develop an interactive case study tool for use in the portfolio of postgraduate programmes within the Global Health Academy. This proposal is intended to develop as interactive case study tool; complete with primary data and realistic end-point outcomes. The tool will incorporate:

  • Dynamic data
  • Decision making nodes which include a statement of how confident the student is of this decision
  • Group and collaborative working

These case studies will be designed to test the student’s ability to deal with ‘real-world’ scenarios and reinforce the cause/effect (intervention/consequence) nature of much of the health-care professional’s work.

The tool will be developed with academic course teams in mind, ensuring that content is fully editable without recourse to IT expertise or educational technologists. It will also be designed specifically within the IT capacity (especially internet connectivity) of the developing world.

Initially this innovation would be used across the post graduate portfolio of the Global Health Academy, but it is envisaged that the tool would be accessible across the University of Edinburgh to the benefit of all students who have an online component to their programmes (including undergraduates).