Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Student-Led Workshops for Innovative Learning Week

A programme of Student-Led workshops to be delivered during Innovative Learning Week from 2011-12 onwards.

Principal applicant: Professor Simon Bates

Additional team members: Dr Judy Hardy, Physics & Astronomy/Institute for Academic Development


We propose to establish a programme of Student-Led Workshops (SLWs) to be delivered during Innovative Learning Week from 2011-12 onwards.

Drawing on practices from established schemes at US universities, student-led workshops offer students in the later years of a degree the opportunity to initiate, coordinate and deliver small group collaborative learning experiences to a group of their peers. The proposal describes the proposed implementation of such a scheme, including necessary academic oversight via School teaching staff who act as 'sponsors' of students organising SLWs.

Initially, we intend to establish a pilot scheme within the College of Science & Engineering during the 2011-12 academic year, with a view to broadening out the scheme to schools in other Colleges in the second year of the proposed project, and specifically targeting cross-School (and/or College) SLWs.

We outline the logistics of implementation, including details of support for student coordinators to be developed in collaboration with the Institute for Academic Development.

The scheme would be extremely well aligned to the aims of the College Learning and Teaching Strategy, elements of the emerging UoE enhancement strategy and the graduate attributes agenda.

The scheme has the potential to be enormously beneficial to the student organisers and participants who take part in them, and represents a unique way for students to take responsibility for their own learning in a small part of their undergraduate study.

Final report

You can download the final project report below: