Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Personalising Feedback: The Audio Way

Extending research and development into audio feedback.

Principal applicant: Professor Susan Rhind

Additional team members:

  • Dr Graham Pettigrew , Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
  • Jo Spiller, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, Learning Technology Section


There is relatively little published research on the use of audio feedback to enhance learning. As part of our earlier research projects on the subject of academic feedback it is apparent that there is a conflict between the personalised, individual feedback that students desire against the time and resource available from staff to meet this demand.

The final year rotations feedback tool which we have developed in EEVeC addresses this need to part however we wish to extend our research and development into audio feedback and build a new tool which addresses 'ease of use' from the academic staff point of view as well as 'personalisation' from students point of view.

Our aim is therefore build a user-friendly interface in EEVeC to allow staff to easily record and submit audio-feedback to students on their work. We will then evaluate this intervention using a combination of questionnaires, focus groups and interviews.

We believe our previous research and commitment to leading edge developments within our virtual learning environment gives us an excellent opportunity to design and enhanced system for feedback to students. Furthermore, our intention to evaluate the new tool will provide the first evidence based research study of the use of audio feedback within our discipline but will also have relevance across the HE community.

Final Project Report

The final project report may be downloaded here.

Other Project Outcomes