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Institute for Academic Development

Programme structure (pre-Dec 2017)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice course options plus the full course handbook to download - information for students who started the programme before December 2017 only.

Course options

Compulsory course (20 credits)   

Developing My Approach to Teaching  (core course)

Option courses (10 credits each)

Either students will have chosen 4 of the following option courses (now no longer available):

Assessing Students

Course Organisation and Management

Engaging with Student Diversity

Engaging Students in Autonomous Learning

Working with Postgraduate Students

Research Leadership and Management

Or students will have chosen 2 of the above option courses and gained approval for transferring their Level 3, Clinical Education Programme into the 20 credit course Clinical Education and Academic Practice

Students now aiming to complete their programme under the pre-2017 structure may be able to take options from programme structure Dec 2017 onwards, but only with guidance from the programme team.  Students should contact or their personal tutor for guidance.

Programme handbook

Please find your handbook available for download below. Although this is slightly dated, it is the version that most applies to your programme.

The handbook for students starting their PgCAP in December 2017 onwards will be the most updated information but the programme structure for those students is different.

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice Handbook (Version Dec 2016) - PDF

Assessment requirements

To qualify for the award of the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, you must satisfactorily attend and complete assessments for the core course (20 credits) and four 10-credit course options.

In the core course, learning is assessed in the form of a synoptic assessment. This encourages you to combine elements of your learning from the other courses.

In the option courses, assessment varies widely, reflecting the aims and focus of each course. Details are included in the individual course outlines linked above.