Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

What we are looking for

Guidance on how we will assess the quality of the applications.

We are looking for applications which:

  • Have a clear benefit to University of Edinburgh staff and/or students. This scheme aims to support internal capacity building and professional development for groups of our staff and/or students. People from other universities or sectors can be involved but the primary focus should be internal.
  • Focus on professional development, community-building and/or creative learning. We are particularly keen to support innovative and experimental approaches. However, we don’t want to support innovation for the sake of innovation: activities should relate to the goals of the overall project.
  • Are relevant to the target audience. Does your proposal describe how you identified the need for this activity? Are the activities proposed suitable for the people you will encourage to attend?
  • Have potential for impact. This could be on the organising team and/or your wider community, or your project could give us the opportunity to learn from new formats which could be useful for other projects.
  • Are well thought through with clear and achievable project goals. Activities should generally take place between December and July of the academic year you are applying in. Less can be more. We would rather you did fewer things well than promised lots of activities it would be difficult to deliver. We particularly don’t want your involvement in the project to have a detrimental impact on your work or studies if you have been too ambitious with the timescales.
  • Have a clear and sensible budget breakdown that demonstrates that you are applying for an appropriate amount of money to deliver your project. Don’t ask for £3000 because that is the maximum amount you can request, ask for what you need and show that there is value for money.


If you have any additional questions about your application please contact us:

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