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Action Fund small grants

About the IAD Action Fund small grant scheme, including how and when to apply.

Update June 20

The IAD Action Fund (including Festival of Creative Learning Pop-Ups) is not accepting applications for funding at the moment.

Throughout the Academic Year, you can apply for a maximum of £500 each month to run small events or pilot network events that explore the need for new and/or interdisciplinary networks. You may also apply for a contribution to support larger scale events within a discipline, School or subject area.

Successful IAD Action Fund Small Grant projects may form the basis for future applications to one of our other funding schemes.

More detailed information about what we will and won't fund is available on the Action Fund Guidance webpage. Please read this before submitting an application.

IAD Action Fund Guidance

Who can apply?

  • University of Edinburgh staff and University of Edinburgh students are eligible to apply to this scheme.
  • We encourage applications from a team of at least two people. The period of the award applied for should be covered by the remaining length of study (students) or employment contract (staff) of the lead applicant.
  • Each application needs one lead applicant. This person will be the budget holder, the main point of contact for IAD, and responsible for submitting the evaluation form and financial summary at the end of the project.

How to apply

Step 1: prepare your information prior to completing the online form

We have now moved to using an online application form for the IAD Action Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no option to save the progress of your application so make sure before you submit you have thought about your application, and are aware of all the questions and requirements.  We recommend you prepare and save your answers in advance – for example on a Word document – prior to completing the online form.

The information we will ask you to provide is:

  • Project title & project type (i.e. whether it is a workshop, seminar, or something else.)
  • Funding round (Date/Month)
  • Lead applicant name (budget holder) & contact details
  • Co-applicant name(s) & contact details
  • Finance details (if available), plus the Finance administrator within your School/Deanery
  • Project summary (100 words)
  • Why is your project idea important? (100 words)
  • What are you going to do and when? (200 words)
  • Who will benefit and how? (100 words)
  • How will you gather feedback and evaluate your activities? (50 words)
  • Future plans (50 words)
  • Total funding requested
  • Financial breakdown. Here is an hypothetical example of what we consider an acceptable form of budget table.
  • Are you or any co-applicants applying for any other IAD-supported schemes this academic year?
  • Event outline (200 words)
  • How will you promote your event? (100 words)
  • How will you gather feedback and evaluate activities? (50 words)

Step 2: submit your application via the online form

Update June 20 - The IAD Action Fund is not accepting applications at the moment, thus we have removed the application form.

Once you are ready to submit, you can complete the online form below.

To access the form, you will need to log-in via Office365 with your usual University credentials.

**Please note**  The form does not allow you to save your application-in-progress. 


If you have any questions about the fund or the application process, please get in touch with us:

IAD Action Fund

Contact details

Application review process

  • Your application will be reviewed by a panel of IAD staff.
  • Applications are reviewed at the end of each month. You are advised to apply at least 8 weeks before your proposed event/activity start date to allow for the full application review and funds transfer process, as well as any additional planning required following on from receiving our decision.
  • After we review applications, you will be contacted with further queries or a decision. If your application is successful, we will begin the funds transfer process. Our intention is that you will receive your funds in good time before your event/activity, so please consider in your planning how long our process takes and when you will need the funds available in order to prepare for your event.
  • You cannot apply for funds that will not reach you in time for your event, or retroactively following your event/activity.  
  • Unsuccessful projects cannot be re-submitted, but UoE staff and students are welcome to reapply to the fund for new projects.
  • Funds should be spent by 31st July, the end of the current University financial year. This fund will close in June of each year and open again in September.