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Action Fund small grants

About the IAD Action Fund small grant scheme: what we can fund, plus how and when to apply. Includes the application form you need to complete.

What activities can I apply for funding for?

You can apply for a maximum of £500 to:

  • Assess the level of interest in setting up an interdisciplinary network
  • Run a one-off event to support academic communities within a discipline, School or subject area.
  • Test an idea for an innovative professional or academic development activity which would support groups of colleagues to develop skills in leadership, communication, networking, writing or other generic transferable skills.
  • Experiment with a new event format (aimed at a University audience)
  • Run a small ‘Festival of Creative Learning Pop-up’ event.

More detailed information about what we will and won't fund, and what we look for in an application, is available at:

IAD Action Fund FAQs - including budget guidance

IAD Action Fund - what we are looking for

Successful IAD Action Fund Small Grant projects may form the basis for applications to one of our other funding schemes.

Who can apply?

  • University of Edinburgh staff and University of Edinburgh students are eligible to apply to this scheme.
  • We encourage applications from a team of at least two people. The period of the award applied for should be covered by the remaining length of study (students) or employment contract (staff) of the lead applicant.
  • Each application needs one lead applicant. This person will be the budget holder, the main point of contact for IAD, and responsible for submitting the evaluation form and financial summary at the end of the project.

How to apply

Step 1: Download and complete the IAD Action Fund Small Grant application form

IAD Action Fund small grant - application form (MS Word)

Step 2: Save your completed form as 'AFSG_leadapplicantlastname' - as a .doc  or .docx file

Step 3: Email to to the IAD Funding email address below

IAD Action Fund

Contact details

When you can apply

For small grant applications, you can apply at any point during the academic year.

Application review process

  • Your application will be reviewed by a panel of IAD staff.
  • You will usually hear the outcome of your application within 3 weeks.
  • Unsuccessful projects cannot be re-submitted.
  • Funds should be spent by 31st July, the end of the current University financial year. If your activity will take place in the next academic year rather than the current one, please state this clearly on your application form.