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Professor Velda McCune

Dr Velda McCune. Senior Lecturer, Head of Learning and Teaching team, IAD Deputy Director.

Professor Velda McCune

IAD Deputy Director / Head of Learning and Teaching

Contact details

Role in the IAD

I am the Deputy Director of the IAD and Head of the Learning and Teaching Team. The team provide support to both staff and students relating to learning and teaching within the University.

I have oversight of the continuing professional development opportunities which the IAD offers for staff involved in teaching and supporting student learning. An important focus of my work is collaborating with colleagues in Schools and Colleges to take forward research and scholarship relating to teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Professional interests

For the last 16 years my work has focused on understanding the learning experiences of students and academics in higher education.

I have worked directly with students on their learning and with academic staff looking at their teaching and assessment practices. I am also an active researcher with a particular interest in how students and academics learn, how they understand learning and their identities as learners and teachers.

Selected publications

Christie, H., Tett, L., Cree, V. & McCune, V.  (2016): ‘It all just clicked’: a longitudinal perspective on transitions within university, Studies in Higher Education 41(3), 478-490.

Herrmann, K., Bager-Elsborg, A. and McCune, V. (2016). Investigating the relationships between approaches to learning, learner identities and academic achievement in higher education. Higher Education DOI:10.1007/s10734-016-9999-6

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McCune, V. and Rhind, S. (2014). Understanding students' experiences of being assessed: The interplay between prior guidance, engaging with assessments and receiving feedback. In C. Kreber, C. Anderson, N. Entwistle and J. McArthur (eds.) Advances and innovations in university assessment and feedback. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 246-263.

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