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Dr Catherine Bovill

Dr Catherine Bovill. Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement.

Dr Catherine Bovill

Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement

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Role in the IAD

I am Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement and a member of the Learning and Teaching Team. The team provide support to both staff and students relating to learning and teaching within the University. My role involves leading a three year strategic plan of work to enhance student engagement across the University focused on: developing student-staff relationships, interactive teaching and student engagement for all.

I lead the team in IAD who provide a range of programme and course design support for Board of Studies Convenors and Administrators, for teams writing new programmes and courses or redesigning provision. I provide advice and support to Schools and Colleges on student engagement, learning, teaching and assessment. I contribute to the University’s Continuing Professional Development Framework for Learning and Teaching, including the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) and Edinburgh Teaching Award. I also lead the planning team for the University of Edinburgh’s annual Learning and Teaching Conference.

Professional interests

I am a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association and a member of the Society for Research in Higher Education. I am a Visiting Fellow (Knowledge Exchange) at the University of Winchester and a member of the UK National Teaching Excellence Awards Panel. I have previously been Associate Editor of the International Journal for Academic Development, and on the International Advisory Group for the International Journal for Students as Partners and I am currently an Editorial Board member for Teaching in Higher Education. I give regular keynote presentations internationally and have published widely on student engagement, student-staff partnerships and co-creation of learning, teaching and curricula. I also publish work relating to: peer observation of teaching; higher education curriculum design and conceptualisation; academic development; and internationalisation.

Selected publications

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Full publication list available on request