Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Establishing the IAD

Why we were established, and the recent progress we have made.

The University of Edinburgh has a significant history and international reputation in the areas of teaching, learning and researcher development.

The establishment of the IAD builds on this tradition and reflects the University’s commitment to our students’ learning and the University’s leadership role in teaching, learning and researcher development.

Establishing the Institute

The University conducted a Review of Teaching and Learning Support for Staff and Students in 2009.

The key principles upon which the IAD has been established are that we should:

  • Support College/University strategic priorities in teaching, learning and researcher development.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with Schools and support services to develop support and encourage the identification and sharing of good practice.
  • Provider clearer routes to support and information (for students and staff).
  • Consider the full continuum of audience requirements and make connections between them.

These recommendations led to our formal creation in January 2010.

Progress: the first few years

Since our creation in early 2010, we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to maintain our current provision, grown new provision and initiatives, establish our infrastructure, and develop our future plans.

We moved from our previous University locations to Bristo Square in January 2011. Reflecting a key recommendation of the review group we were also been joined by secondees from several different academic Schools and support services. We formally launched in August 2011.

We have subsequently moved to a new longer-term home in a new University development in Morgan Lane (Holyrood area) from early 2016.