Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Secondee projects

A short summary of each Institute secondee project plus contact details

We are pleased to host secondees from across the University, working on a variety of projects and themes.

If you would like further information, or would like to enquire about a secondment with us, please read the information on secondments in our 'working with us' section. You may also contact our Director, Jon Turner.

Dr Jon Turner

Director, Institute for Academic Development

Contact details

Secondees and their contacts


Eli Appleby-Donald - Edinburgh College of Art

Eli's project is 'Studio Teaching – a Framework for Online'


Kasia Banas - School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Kasia's project is 'Groups for Education in Edinburgh.'


Celine Caquineau - School of Biomedical Sciences

Celine's project is 'Fostering a student- staff community in biomedical sciences'


Suzanne Ewing - Edinburgh College of Art

Suzanne's project is 'The good project: an exploration of the politics, cultures, habits and constituents of ‘the project’ and project-based learning in higher education + potential for modelling future working practice and interdisciplinary learning-doing.'


Katie Nicoll Baines - School of Chemistry

Katies's project is 'Evidence Base: Growing the Big Grant Club'


Dr Simon Riley – Edinburgh Medical School

Simon’s secondment project is “Every student a researcher, every researcher a teacher” – the ‘Teaching Vision’ strapline. He is also leading on the University’s Student-Led Independently Created Courses (SLICCS) work.


Amanda Singleton - Business School

Amanda's project is 'MBA Professional Development Review.