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About is an online skills development service offering an extensive library of high quality video courses in digital, technology, creative and business skills.

In 2016, the University procured a three-year campus-wide licence. This enables students and staff to  access to all training materials. General information about registering with, and using in the University is available here.

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Short courses

This is a short collection of relevant fragments froim that may help you identify common types of attack, software or sites that you need to be able to avoid.

These are suitable for all computer users.

Recognising social engineering (4 minutes)

Understanding trojans (2 minutes 22)

Recognising secure websites (3 minutes 41)

Internet Safety for Students

This is a longer course (55 minutes). This course is suitable for all computer users. It is aimed at American University Students who want to know more about how to set up their computers to be more secure, and how to stay safe on the Internet.

Internet Safety For Students

Learning path: become an IT Security Specialist

A series of courses has been gathered into a Learning Path for people who want to learn the main kinds of things to become a specialist in IT Security. These courses are highly technical in places and are suitable only for experienced IT practitioners who want to specialise.

Become an IT Security Specialist

Introduction Ethical Hacking

Certified ethical Hacking: Social engineering overview