Information Security

Information Security Awareness Week 2019

Information Security Awareness Week takes place in the second week of October, bringing talks on current topics and a several fun sessions to staff and students.

The week will focus on why information security matters to all University staff and students, the threats that we all face as users, and how you can take some very simple steps to quickly protect your personal data and research content.

Throughout the week talks will be taking place at different locations and campuses covering topics such as basic information security, securing mobile devices, ransomware and encryption.

  • Monday  7 October – Kings Buildings
  • Tuesday 8 October – Central Campus
  • Wednesday 9 October – Easter Bush and Teviot
  • Thursday 10 October – Little France
  • Friday 11 October – Old Moray House

On the Wednesday and Friday we will also be bringing more playful events including the following:

  • A seminar on the relationship between hacking, cybercrime and the movies. Expect to see old favourites such as War Games alongside more modern fare (we see you Mr. robot fans).
  • An interactive session exploring pre digital means of sending secret messages and encrypting data.
  • A game where you get to be the Chief Information Security Officer for an evil, 1960's spy movie style, organisation, volcano base and all!

These will be very accessible and are aimed at all audiences, regardless of technical abilities.


We will also be active on Twitter during the week, with hints, tips and useful guidance. Follow us on Twitter @UoEInfoSec and with our hashtag #UoEInfoSec.