Information Security

Information Security Updates

Information Security Updates

Email phishing scams – July/August 2022

There has been an increase in phishing emails recently which ask staff to enter personal details to access voicemail or to reset their system or library accounts. The ISG technical teams are working to stop these emails being delivered, but some are still reaching inboxes. Please remember that the University will never send you an email asking for your date of birth, National Insurance number or any other personal details to access any University service.

Credential Stuffing Attack - LastPass Jan 2022

At the tail end of last year there were reports of a series of "credential stuffing" attacks against LastPass accounts globally. A large number of users received emails stating that their username and password had been utilised and the access shut down due to security concerns.

Uniyearbook emails targeting University of Edinburgh students

It has come to our attention through a number of student complaints that some students have received emails from a company called uniyearbook asking recipients to register for the ‘Edinburgh 2020/21 yearbook”, utilising University of Edinburgh accounts to do so.

HMRC Scam Emails - Feb 2020

There are a series of malicious emails targetting academia stating that users are due a refund from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Semester 2 2020 Infosec Face to Face Training Dates

Seminar 2 is now here and with it a new set of Information Security training sessions, including the new "How Hackers hack".

Staying Safe Online Over the Holidays 2019

I hope you are all looking forward to the holidays as much as we are. At Information Security, while we very much enjoy the break, we are always reminded of the threats that come up at this time every year.

Changes to EASE sign-on service

The University has made changes to the way staff, students and alumni log into some of our University services.

Information Security Awareness Week 2019

Information Security Awareness Week takes place in the second week of October, bringing talks on current topics and a several fun sessions to staff and students.

News: NCSC release report on Cyber Threat to UK Universities

Statement from Chief Information Security Officer around the new report from the National Cyber Security Centre.

Information Security Sessions - Autumn 2019

The programme for Information Security face to face training sessions is now live for Autumn 2019.

News: Free password manager is here for students

Password Managers take a lot of the stress out of remembering and maintaining large numbers of passwords and keeps them safe. As part of our ongoing efforts to help our students improve their cyber-security LastPass Premium Password Manager is being made available to all students of the University for free.

Information Security Top 10

The top 10 information security tips infographic